Program Overview


Residencies are art-making workshops for children and youth. Usually, a residency consists of 10-12 workshops. They are taught by professional, practicing New York City artists (click here for more information). We provide residencies in music, dance, theater, visual and digital arts and customize them to address the specific goals of school or community partners. Residencies culminate in opportunities for children to showcase their creations for families and community members.


We bring distinctive and professional Performances to schools and community organizations so that children, teens and their families can experience the joy of live art and begin to understand their role as engaged and thoughtful audience members. Our Performances in libraries, parks, health centers, abandoned lots and other neighborhood spaces are also important ways to bring community members together for pro-social experiences.


Our unique FamilyLink workshops bring parents into schools so they can build relationships with teachers and principals while creating art alongside their children. In several neighborhoods, these have becomes so popular they are a semi-annual tradition.