Cassandra Brown

Cassandra majored in Theatre at Spelman College before going on to earn two Masters degrees from NYU in the fields of film and theater education. During college, she served as a TA and as a department liaison to the Office of Disability Services.

In addition to the many teaching positions she has held, Cassandra has spent her career facilitating student programs and helping students to have excellent team-building experiences. As an Academic Advisor and Activity Specialist for a New York high school, she worked with her students to ensure their academic success. She has also worked as an Education Specialist for a teen filmmaking workshop, coaching group leaders on providing an excellent, educational student experience. Cassandra served as the Performing Arts Coordinator for over 100 New York schools, helping to conduct professional development, set leadership standards, and coordinate trips and workshops.

Cassandra loves to travel internationally and contributes to cross-cultural efforts in her community by serving as an airport facilitator for international students arriving in New York and serving as a Peer Leader for an international alliance for hosting Chinese university students.

Cassandra holds great value in serving her community. As a Youth College Advisor for a Young Adult Borough Center in Brooklyn, she helped counsel students in college admissions and pursue their educational dreams. She has also served as a Career Advisor to over one thousand homeless individuals in New York City, helping to facilitate job skills workshops and training.