Children’s Creations

Creations By Children and Youth

Children and teens in Young Audiences New York residency programs are having a busy year! Here are some of the creations they have made so far and shared with their families and in their schools and communities. Of course, as they are engaged in expressing themselves and shaping their own ideas, they are also developing important life skills they will take with them as they grow—like perseverance, critical thinking and teamwork.

Short Documentaries on media careers, astronomy, life science, and human rights.

Original Music including polyrhythms and African and Latin Percussion beats.

Visual Arts projects including cartoons, self-portraits, watercolors, calligraphy, collages, claypots, murals, puppets and masks.

Productions of “The Nutcracker,” “In the Heights,” “The King and I” and a ten-minute opera.

Poetry and monologues in response to dramatic performances of contemporary American classic literature.

Dance performances of styles including Hip Hop, Modern, Chinese Dance, Square Dance and Ballroom Dance.

What is Creativity?