LinkNYC is an arts-integrated digital media mentoring program that provides real-world experiences to High School students. In our 2017-18 program year, LinkNYC served 50 students in 5 high-need secondary schools across the city.

NYC’s tech and media industries are rapidly growing — and careers in these sectors offer young people a chance at economic mobility. These same companies are also looking to diversify their workforce. LinkNYC bridges those needs by connecting teens from under-resourced schools to the tech and media careers in their own backyards.

At Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language, Giselle and her classmates were supported by Teaching Artist Trevor Davis and Facebook’s Creative Shop to create an advertising campaign for a local animal shelter (which you can see below!).

GISELE, a Junior at the Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language, a high school for English Language Learners, has built self-confidence while exploring creative skills she didn’t realize she had! After volunteers from NBC Universal visited her LinkNYC class, she is inspired to study communications in college and pursue a career in marketing. Gisele said her mother is so proud.


If you would like LinkNYC at your school or are interested in having your company participate as a Creative Corporate Mentor, please email