Arts Residencies


Residencies are art-making workshops for children and youth. A typical Arts Residency consists of 10-12 workshops. They are taught by professional, practicing New York City artists.

We provide residencies in music, dance, theater, visual and digital arts and customize them to address the specific goals of school or community partners. Residencies culminate in opportunities for children to showcase their creations for families and community members.

All our Arts Residencies align with the following New York State Arts Standards: 1) Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts; and 2) Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources.

They also follow our method of learning alongside Teaching Artists and following the steps of artmaking: Plan, Create, Produce, Present, and Reflect.

If you are interested in booking an Arts Residency of any length, for your school or community center, please contact our program department or fill out this survey